The BEFE QEnergySpa Models

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The BEFE QEnergySpa was proudly conceived and manufactured in Australia by Q Tech Laboratories, the world leader and founder in non invasive Bio Energetic hydrotherapy technology. Designed and created to realign, balance and significantly enhance the bio energetic levels in water that can then be used by the cells of all living things.These are the three models of the  BEFE QEnergySpa available.
We cater for everyone from the professional consultant down to the home user.

 Professional: q47   Home User: q36   Personal User: q26  


 Professional Practitioner Model(s)

Series q47S, q47A, q47P, q47D


Professional Practitioner Model q47

 Professional Model q47The Professional Practitioner Model is the flagship BEFE QEnergySpa, provide increased functionality through computer controlled circuitry. This circuitry provides custom self adjustment, by automatically selecting the correct energy output for your water conditions. The q47 is the most advanced of the Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE technology, providing increased functionality and cleaner Bio-Energy generation through an innovative design with computer controlled circuitry, providing a highly improved output signal clarity.  Other innovative features include self protection & self system diagnostics with a numerical action coded display, and a built in timer which will turn off the unit when the session time is up.


The features of the q47 series make it a very powerful tool for the professional user.

This is the best model the world has to offer. Nothing else comes close. The Ultimate in Anti-Aging, faster recovery and overall health. Re-Energize & Re-Vitalize your body for a wellness you will soon discover to be better than you have felt in years. In fact, potentially 5 to 10 years younger.
Designed and manufactured to comply with the very stringent International Electrical Equipment Safety Standards, IEC60601.1, with consideration to the international wiring rules, including variations to suit Europe, USA, Canada and Australia as well as CE mark and UL requirements.


Personal Home User Model(s)
Series q36S, q36A

Home User q36


The QEnergySpa, series q36 provides increased functionality and cleaner Bio-Energy generation through innovative designs, giving an increase in electrical output clarity. Other innovative features of the q36 series include protected input and output circuits and manual power output adjustment. These make it a reliable and easy to use tool for the home user.



Personal Model:
Series q26S, q26S+

Personal Model q26

q26 The q26 series utilizes a single circuit to manage the power for both the Orb and the internal circuitry.

Compared to the models q47 and q36, this model may take a little longer to achieve the same results. The q26 includes a number of features such as input and output fuse protection and thermal cutout, ensuring your safety.

Manufactured with our innovative circuitry and quality components, this model produces a much cleaner source of power to the Orb, producing a better quality product compared with our previous models. 




Orb II


Orb IIImproved Clarity with Orb II
The radically designed circuitry and specially selected components produce a much cleaner source of energy to empower the Orb, resulting in a significantly better bio-energetic field enhancement for you. As an added benefit this improved electrical clarity also prolongs the life of the consumables in your Orb.

For your safety, the QEnergySpa and been designed and Built to International Electrical Safety Standard, IEC 60601.1, Compliant with CE Mark Standards and international wiring rules for spa with variations to suit Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.