Array Assembly Guide

Plate and Track sets replacement.
array Are you still using an original import: The BEFE (Bio-Electric Field Enhancer)?

Here are some instructions on how to replace the plates and track.

Water conditions play a large role in the erosion of the positive plates and track. For this reason it is very difficult to put a time frame on when to replace. The easiest way to determine when to change the positive plates and track is to take a close inspection. Place your finger on the positive plates and track, if it bends, replace it as the metal has deteriorated. When replacing plates or taking the ORB apart please read the manual carefully & check the ORB quick reference guide.


array plate change
When reassembling the Array (pictured) or the Orb, always ensure the top positive ring is sitting on and touching the Positive track .

The cable connector hood is fitted flush with the orb.



The diagrams below represents one of our initial array creations.However, the assembly is still the same.


B.E.F.E. Array

array change step 1

Step 1

 Remove the stainless steel Track from the Plates by swinging outwards at an angle and then slide it downwards to extract it from the Top Acrylic Plate. If it is still in good condition, it will need to be un-clipped from the Bottom Positive Plate.

array change step 2

Step 2

 Place 2 fingers through the holes in the Removable Leg assembly and gently pull it outwards horizontal to the unit. The old Positive Plates should come out with it, but if they don’t, gently remove them as well.

array change step 3

Step 3

 Slot the new Plates into the slots and gently slide the assembly back into place. Be sure to align the Plates correctly with the appropriate slots in the other Legs. If the assembly does not slot in correctly, do not force it. Double check to make sure that it is all correctly aligned.

Step 4

 Slot the top of the Track into the slot in the Top Plate and slide it up and in at the same time. Be sure that the Track contacts are sitting on the top of the Top Plate and the bottom of the Bottom Plate. The Track should click into place.

completed arrayCompleted Array