QEnergy Spa Comparison

Please explain the Q Energy Spa Comparison.

What are the Differences between the (3) Current QEnergy Spa Models?
 Why do we have a variety of models to choose from?

We are proud to present these innovative therapeutic models: q47, q36, and q26. The QEnergySpa is based on Quantum Field Science and hence exact geometry, material, and specifically chosen electronic components. This is what makes this product so special. Utilizing an isolation transformer based power supply which produces no electromagnetic interference or harmonic distortions. In addition, the Isolation Transformer is tested to safely withstand 4000 Volts.

Let’s walk through the details below. This information should be able to understand. The varieties of options and features of each model are available below. This is a unique single investment that the whole family can use, including your pets and plants. The BEFE Q Energy Spa is designed and built to meet the International Electrical Safety Standard IEC60601.1. It is safe and has been used by many all over the world since 1997.


q26 Personal Use BEFE Q Energy Spa Series Foot Bath
q26 Personal Model
– Manual Power Level Select
– Separate timer


q36 Q Energy Spa BEFEq36 Home User Model
– Improved Electrical Signal Clarity
– Manual Power Level Select
– Separate timer


Q Energy Spa q47 Pro QEnergy Spa
– Built-in Automatic Timer
– Auto Power Level Select
– Automated System Diagnostics
– Superior Electrical Signal Clarity


You Can…

  •     Look Younger
  •     Feel Better
  •     Have Better Concentration
  •     Increase Your Productivity
  •     Reduce Your Anxiety and Stresses
  •     Elevate Your Energy Levels
  •     Have a Relaxed and Happier Life, Home, and Workplace

Please Contact us with any questions. First of all, Q2Spa.net has sold The ORIGINAL BEFE / Q Energy Spa Products online since 2002. Are you uncertain about what you need to keep your Orb, cable or Q Machine running smoothly? No problem! We have all the parts you need to replenish your BEFE Q Energy Spa on our PARTS page here.

We have most items in stock.
In addition, the most requested items include Cables, replacement rings and tracks. We also handle any repairs both warranty and any service required on any age of machine from the original BEFE sold in 1997 to the current models available today.