Copper Foot Tub

Copper Foot Tub made from solid, untreated, unvarnished.
Potential 10% to 30% increase in efficiency.
(Made to order with 1-week delivery delay)
Tub Size: 16″ x 7″


Copper Foot Tub
Copper Tub, Solid, untreated, unvarnished.Our tub is solid, untreated and unvarnished copper. For use with the QEnergySpa, BEFE.
(Made to order with 1 week delay delivery time) Dimensions: Copper Foot Tub: (Diameter: 16″ Circumference x 7″ Deep)

All of our foot tubs are hand tapped. They are made in the USA. Our tubs are solid, 100% pure copper, with handles for easy carrying.

This tub is custom built for a foot bath session. For instance, most feet sizes, a handle for easy carrying, and deep enough for
optimum water level.

Copper Tubs increase efficiency by 10% to 30%

Each foot tub session in a copper tub is equal to a full body bath in your bathtub. Copper is one of the best conductors of electricity. To illustrate, the copper acts as an additional conductor which amplifies the energy and frequency. Copper is a natural antibacterial metal. You may improve your foot bath experience using our unique Foot Tub. For example, it may increase efficiency by 10% to 30% when used with the QEnergySpa, BEFE. How? By reflecting/folding the field back upon itself. When soaking your feet in the tub, it just feels wonderful and luxurious. I have used my copper tub with my Q Energy Spa BEFE for over 20 years. It just feels great! Try using a copper tub instead of plastic today!

$299.00 – Item # CTUB