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QEnergySpa q6000 Pro


The Original Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE Technology. Bio-Energy Therapy which uses water as a medium to enhance the bio-energy at the cellular level increasing your body’s overall wellness and ability to recover, recuperate and re-energize.
Advanced Professional Model Q6000, 2020 The Original Technology from Queensland Australia, invented in 1995 and released through the company Q the Experience Australia in 1996 With well over 20 years of enhancements, updates and upgrades. This model is now the most efficient technology anywhere in the world.

This is the best model the world has to offer. Nothing else comes close.

The ultimate in Anti-Aging, faster recovery and overall health.
Re-Energize & Re-Vitalize your body for a wellness you will soon discover to be better than you have felt in years. In fact, potentially 5 to 10 years younger.

The New and Improved QEnergySpa, BEFE Professional Model Q6000

  • QEnergySpa, BEFE Professional
  • New and Improved Model Q6000
  • One (1) Water Module (Orb)
  • One (1) Water Module Cable
  • Four (4) Replacement Rings & Tracks
  • Free Shipping & Handling
The price is a pre-release special and will be revised upwards after the initial release. Please expect the price to rise in May 2020, due to additional technologies included inside.

    The all NEW QEnergySpa, BEFE Professional Q6000 Features:
  • The latest B.E.F.E., true solid state technology
  • More power line filtering and surge protection than ever
  • Advanced Q technology design approach
  • Nikola Tesla and Q Technologies
  • New Q based transformer design
  • Greater Power Source Separation/Isolation
  • Zero Cross Switching for component longevity and noise reduction
  • First line of defence electronic output fuse
  • Less internal heat, hence no noise from a cooling fan
  • A much more professional look and feel.
  • Still water proof, so you can safely use the Q technology in your bathroom
  • Easy to use steps; 1, 2, 3
  • Designed and built to exceed the IEC 601.1 international electrical safety standards
  • UL 94V-0 Anti-flammable material
Effectively a significant improvement to the QEnergySpa, BEFE technology. The technologies added to this professional model is significantly more than all previous models and more than any other unit anywhere.

Because of the additional technologies added the price will increase the day after the release, so get in early, Pre-Order yours Now and make sure that it is paid for before the release date to secure your pre-release special… The Release date is an estimate ONLY, currently looks like end of April 2020.

CLASS II Equipment

Type B applied part safety extra low voltage isolating DC Power Supply

Safety Extra Low Voltage Isolating DC Power Supply


100 to 120VAC 50/60Hz, 95W or
200 to 240VAC 50/60Hz, 95W
as indicated on the power supply

Isolated, Rectified and Filtered, 28VDC, 3Amps

Dimensions: 190x135x103mm
Weight: 2.85 Kg (6.2 lbs) (Power supply only)

The original B.E.F.E. technology. Advanced Professional Model.
Recommended, even for home use.
QEnergySpa, BEFE Professional Model Q6000
  • New and Improved
  • A significant improvement
  • Pre-Release Special
  • Read more below…

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QEnergySpa q6000 Pro



QEnergySpa, BEFE Model q6000P Pro Practitioner

  • QEnergySpa, BEFE Model q6000P Pro Practitioner
  • One (1) Water Module (Orb)
  • One (1) Water Module Cable
  • Four (4) Replacement Rings & Tracks
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping & Handling

$2,897.00 – Item # q6000P

The QEnergySpa, BEFE q6000 Professional model will have:
  • Full house of power line filtering and surge protection to produce the best possible and safest power for the water module.
  • This includes Q techniques and Tesla techniques.
  • This does however mean that this model will also be earthed. So your house will need to have a proper earth pin in your power outlet.
  • If you do not have an earth pin in your house, the earth pin can be excluded at the expense of some filtering.
  • Potential for future output overlays for signal generation, yet to be developed.
  • For example using the resonance of the Orb itself to significantly amplify the water module field or using frequencies such as, for example 528Hz for the support of your DNA.
  • Just remember that these are for future use and no technology has yet been designed to use these.
  • This OPTION has been moved to an external DEVICE to be released at a later date.
q6000 Home Pack

    QEnergySpa, BEFE Model q6000H Pro Practitioner

    • QEnergySpa, BEFE Model q6000H Professional Home User
    • One (1) Water Module (Orb)
    • One (1) Water Module Cable
    • Four (4) Replacement Rings & Tracks
    • 3-Year Warranty
    • Free Shipping & Handling

    $2,597.00 – Item # q6000H

    The QEnergySpa, BEFE Professional Home User model will have:
    • A standard set of power line filtration
    • No facilities for output overlay
    • Effectively a cut down version of the above, but still a significant improvement over all the technologies of today.

    BOTH Models include:
    1. New design transformer with better energy flow.
    2. New space age waterproof case, designed to better protect the output sockets from accidental kicks and knocks and the power line cord will be less obtrusive.
    3. New more professional look and appeal.
    4. Comes standard with One Orb and Cable and 4 spare ring and tracks.
    ....Depending on use however, for example being used in a clinic or practice, we do recommend that you add the extra Orb and Cable and add a 10 pack of Rings and Tracks.



The QEnergySpa may assist to restore your optimal energy level, allowing you to evolve past any concerns, working towards improving

your overall well being and fitness. For best results, the QEnergySpa should be used in conjunction with good diet and exercise.

Effectively a Bio-Energy Therapy which uses water as a medium to enhance the bio-energy at the cellular level

increasing your body’s overall wellness. Explore your options today!