Certified Pre-owned BEFE QEnergy Spa Systems


We certify all used machines sold here at Q2Spa.com


What Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean?
A certified pre-owned BEFE or QEnergySpa System is one that has been strictly inspected for any problems or issues that may have developed since the machine was originally shipped from the factory. Our Technicians inspect each machine for all hardware and software issues. We aim to ensure the machine is as functional as when it was originally sold by the manufacturer. The inspection and testing process typically includes a full diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, and a thorough cleaning process. Certified pre-owned machines receive in-depth inspections, where the technician identifies and services any problems.


Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned BEFE or QEnergySpa?
One of the biggest reasons that our customers buy a certified pre-owned machine is to save money and rest assured that they are buying quality merchandise.
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Certified Pre-owned

The original B.E.F.E. technology recommended for clinic or home use.
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certified pre-owned BEFE or QEnergySpa Systems.

Certified Pre-owned BEFE 3024D

Vintage 1998 – 2002 – Very good condition BEFE.



  • BEFE 3024D
  • Clean Array
  • New Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • 1 Year Warranty

Ships From Denver

$1,400.00 – Item # BB19

Used BEFE 3024D with array, cable and case